Position: Hospital Manager
Education: Allied Services Animal Science

Are you from this area?

Yes, born and raised here.

Why are you working in Veterinary Medicine?

I’ve always had pets growing up.  Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to help animals in need.  I love learning new ways we can care for our pets and being able to pass that information on to our clients is very rewarding.

What do you love most about your job?

Helping clients communicate for their pet.  Our clients and their pets become a part of our family.  Knowing that we are able to help an animal today makes me feel that we’ve done our jobs. Providing quality care for our patients is of upmost importance.  Since becoming Hospital Manager, I’ve been able to explore learning about medications and treatments. I also enjoy helping fellow coworkers with whatever they may need.

Why do you work for SAAH?

I have worked for SAAH for many years because I love what I do.  We all work as a team to help each other.  It is very much a family-like environment.

What do you do as a hobby or on your time off?

Walking, swimming, kayaking, painting, day trips with friends, caring for my family and my dog Bailey.